Patatas con salsa brava

Did you know that our original recipe is a typical spanish meal included in the 2008 official United Nations potato recipes list? Did you know that we registered the name and the sauce recipe? Las Bravas®!

Las Bravas® sauce, in addition to being exclusively sold at our restaurants, is a nice, spicy flavoured sauce. It’s elaborated in a traditional way, using the best natural ingredients and without any kind of additives. It goes perfectly with hot products, specially potatoes and spanish omelette.

We opened our first tavern in 1933, in the most authentic part of Madrid

Our menu

To eat in or to take away

Oreja con salsa brava

Pig’s ear with Las Bravas® sauce
5,20 €

Patatas con salsa bravaPatatas con salsa brava

Potatoes with Las Bravas® sauce
4,00 €

Tortilla con salsa bravaTortilla con salsa brava

Omelette with Las Bravas® sauce
4,50 €

HispaburguerHispaburguer con salsa brava

Hispaburguer with Las Bravas® sauce
4,20 €